Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I VOW, NOT NOW. Is a yearbook group page that has ten or more celebrities indorcing it.

The vow is for teenagers not to do drugs, graduate high school and not get pregnant as a teen and to live their life fully and the right way.

These virtues are just one of the many things that SOULMATES OF LOVE, vow to make sure the world can see.

SOULMATES OF LOVE does not demote pregnancy but only wishes to decrease the teen pregnancy rate by three or five percent.

go to and search I VOW, NOT NOW.

For information about teen pregnancies and support centers, and other sites to prevent pregnancies click on the links below:

Also check out the March of Dimes foundation,

Also Preventing the use of illegal drugs:

SOULMATES OF LOVE is in no way related to any of these organizations, SOULMATES OF LOVE is dedicated to awareness that there is help out there and that with help, there can be a better today, tomorrow, and future.

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